Oak extension to traditional cottage

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These clients truly love their home but the old cottage with its traditional compact style was proving too small.  Not wanting to lose the local history embedded within the cottage they chose an oak theme to improve upon the 18th, 19th and 20th century additions which had been incorporated in to the evolving dwelling.

Original Cottage with historic additions

Rear view of the original cottage, complete with solar panels

A combination of modern extension formats in the same vane as the original cottage

Solar panels still in tact now complemented with ecological green roof and sustainably sourced timber framed extension

Works in progress for a smooth transition of house to garden

Glazed veranda overlooking the garden

And so the plan grew to create additional ground floor space for a large kitchen/diner with a workroom for their many hobbies plus a master bathroom and bedroom.  In keeping with the traditional country cottage theme the clients chose to incorporate:

  • A green roof
  • Lime render and plaster
  • Combination of techniques and materials both modern and old
  • A mixture of external faces to hint at the evolution of the cottage by using oak cladding and painted lime render
  • An internal look and colour that was clean and crisp for easy maintenance
  • Using the oak theme, shelving, flooring and fitted cupboards all in oak.

There was one special request to incorporate, for everyday use in the hobby room, the old granite sink which over time had become a duck pond in the garden!


After a period of contemplating the garden, Mr and Mrs N decided to enlist the services of Townsend to remodel the layout whilst incorporating the requirement for the self sufficiency aspect of a cottage garden.  The teams were engaged to hard landscape the garden with sleeper retaining walls and pathways with patio areas for sitting and admiring the planting as it developed.


Craftsmen created a home that is a joy to live in

"After moving to our cottage, and living in it for a couple of years to get a feel for how it would best suit our lifestyle, we started looking for a timber frame builder. Townsend had already built us a shed and erected stock fencing and it was the care and initiative shown in these works that persuaded us to approach them for a quotation for our extension. The depth of detail in the building spec produced for the quote was indicative of the attention to detail in all aspects of the work undertaken. You want a “living” roof? We’ll go on a course to learn how to do it. A built-in barn owl box? Get us the spec and it’s done. Nothing was too much trouble and the result is a beautiful home, built by craftsmen who take a pride in their work, that is a joy to live in."
"As usual your lads did a wonderful job. I now have the garden I have always wanted and I cannot praise B, D, J and M highly enough. They really work hard and keep so cheerful and smiling, even when I ask them to change something slightly. B seems to know instinctively how I want things.
I decided on a 25' polytunnel in the end, rather than 30' as I wanted a bit of outside space as well. I know they had a few problems with it but it all looks fine. I already have a grapevine, fig, kiwi fruit, apricot and nectarine planted in there. The fruit cage is still a quagmire so the fruit bushes are all sat in pots waiting to be planted. I will seed the grass area in another month to six weeks but it looks good with the benches around. ... I am just so happy with it all - thank you so much."

Mr & Mrs N, Sturminster Newton

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