25 March 2020

A personal note from Simon Notley (Managing Partner)

You will be aware that the government has told all non-essential businesses to close to counter the spread of COVID-19, with some exceptions. My initial reaction was to stay open as we are in both the manufacturing and construction industries, but I have decided that temporarily suspending our operations side is the best position to take to play our part in the fight again this virus.

I apologise for any impact this will have on yourselves, however I believe that it is important to do the right thing to preserve the health and welfare of our staff, customers and also everyone in the UK.

We will be closed for the minimum 3 weeks from tomorrow. Our work schedule will therefore be paused and any dates we have confirmed will be impacted. Looking ahead, the best case scenario for a return is likely around 20th April. However, if this shut down period is extended beyond 3 weeks we will remain suspended. I will closely monitor Government advice as it become available.

Sales, estimating and design work continues with Mike Beaumont working from home and I will remain working from site (as it’s also my family home). We will ensure telephone and email communications remain open. Unfortunately, we will not be able to deliver or serve collections during this time.

Thank you for your understanding and support. I hope to share good news with you soon.

All the best and keep safe.

Simon Notley

Managing Partner